• Evgeny Rodin
    Chief Executive Officer
    Evgeny Rodin graduated with a master's degree in physics from Moscow State University and also holds the Executive MBA from Antwerp Management School (Belgium). Evgeny has more than 14 years of experience in the aerospace industry, including:

    • Senior positions in engineering and IT outsourcing services
    • Leading the marketing and business development of offshore software development
    • Wide experience guiding engineering teams and launching engineering centers
    • Building trustful relationships with small and large corporations, including Fortune 500 companies
    As CEO, Evgeny handles the management, strategy, marketing, sales, and human resource decisions. His talents are well suited to listening to customer needs and coming up with proposals customers love.

    When not managing the Advalange team, Evgeny loves spending time with family and friends. Traveling and reading books, both professional and fiction, are some of his favorite pastimes. He also likes to get outdoors and stays fit playing tennis, soccer and volleyball.

  • Mikhail Petrov
    Head of Business Unit
  • Andrey Cherepov
    Head of Business Unit
  • Roman Zayarny
    Head of Business Unit
  • Dmitry Mordvintsev
    Head of Business Unit
  • Ilya Lichagin
    Head of Business Unit
  • Dmitry Dorofeev
    Head of Business Unit
  • Ilya Svistunov
    Head of Sales and Business Development
  • Pavel Boiko
    Head of finance and corporate governance
  • Kseniya Markova
  • Sofya Mitrofanova
    Head of Quality Management
  • Inga Kazakova
    Head of Talent Management
  • Evgenia Klepikova
    Head of Talent Management
  • Dmitry Lysogorsky
    Head of process engineering
  • Elena Melnikova
    Head of the legal department
  • Alexey Pavlov
  • Igor Khrapov
    Head of Contract and Procurement Management
  • Kristina Sotnikova
    Head of Office Management