UAC Yakovlev
Multifunctional Analyzer of Air Data (MAAD)
Development of the architecture of onboard information system software. Development of OIS certification strategy.
Development of the system prototype and its adaptation for the target hardware and software.
Technology highlights:
CentOS, C, Java SE, JWT, HTTPs, WS, Consul, CoachDB

Size and duration:
4 engineers, 1.5+ years, ongoing

Success statement:
The project allowed to strengthen the customer team and to develop the competencies of its employees.

The balance between the necessary and sufficient efforts for developing non-critical onboard system was achieved.
We've been working with Advalange for almost 3 years on a whole range of tasks from development to consulting. I would like to emphasize the high professionalism of Advalange team, the ability to work within tight time limits, adaptability to solving diverse tasks, and of course excellent communication skills and project management at the highest modern level.
Eugene Lunev, Head of flight management systems department at the "Integration center" branch of Irkut Corporation