Printer Driver Package
Driver package for Windows which allows to operate a cardio printer in paged mode as a common Windows printer and the unique continuous mode.
Technology highlights:
COM \ DCOM, GDI, C#, C, Windows printing ecosystem, UniDrv

Size and duration:
2 engineers, 6 months.

Success statement:
Single driver package allows different operating modes simultaneously: as a common Windows printer or as a special cardio printer with infinite length of printed cardiogram. Guidelines for development of printer FW to support both modes was part of the duties.
Our task was not a trivial and an easy one and required hard to find technical skills but Advalange team managed to cope with it excellently. The engineers we had a chance to work with showed high level of professionalism, expertise and competencies. Very good communication through the entire project! We are looking forward to working together again.
David Lombardi, Technical Director