We aspire to create a world class software development company or why I’m involved in this venture?

Welcome post from Alexander Svinov, Advalange CFO.

I graduated from the computer science school of Moscow State University, but quickly came realized that my true inspiration at work is everyday business challenges – searching for new clients, inspiring the team to reach for new goals, finding an investor for a new product. For the past 15 years I have honed my skills in finance and investments. Yet I always sought to combine my IT knowledge with my passion to develop new businesses. I was fortunate enough to meet Evgeny Rodin and his colleague Mikhail Sudbin – two experts in software production who were looking for an investor/entrepreneur type of a partner to join their great new venture at Advalange. I seized this opportunity as I felt that there was a strong level of understanding and trust between us as partners, and that together we could create an ambitious team to drive this business forward.

“My true inspiration is everyday business challenges.”

When we founded the firm, we aspired to create a world class software development company, employing the best Western business practices. My past experience working in U.S. companies has given me a rich background of business practices to bring to Advalange.

I am an optimist, and, when looking at today’s world – with all its political and economic instability, volatility in asset prices, and economic uncertainty – I still see a whole lot of opportunities. I believe that our clear vision, commitment to our clients, strong technical background, and our success will serve as a foundation for further growth.