Mikhail Sudbin, Chief Technology Officer

Mikhail Sudbin is a veteran of over 15 years in the aerospace industry. Starting as a software engineer, he achieved senior roles in engineering, technology, process, and quality management of safety-critical systems. He is a certified expert of the Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee. Mikhail is a member of several review boards developing new standards for the Russian aviation Industry. He has set up, maintained, and certified quality management systems against AS9100/9115 standards. Mikhail participated in and directly supervised more than 30 program certifications with the:

  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • European Aviation Safety Administration (EASA)
  • Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee (AR IAC)

As the CTO, Mikhail handles all the technical, quality, and engineering processes management.

He’s the one who converts your needs and requirements into your desired output.

Mikhail loves being outdoors and in nature. Off-road driving and preparing complex culinary dishes are his passions. It’s important to him to protect the source of food and nature’s balance. As a family man and a father of two young boys, he wants to see his sons share these values and grow into strong, responsible men.