When you start a project, you want to know the company you choose has the background and experience to tackle it. Our experience includes the following:


  • Integrated Cockpit Displays
  • Flight Control
  • Flight Management
  • Inertial Reference
  • Communication Management
  • Air Traffic Management
  • Air Pressure Control
  • Aural Warning
  • Data Concentrator
  • Information Management

Programming Languages

  • C, Asm x86/ARM/MPC
  • C++, C#, Ada, Java, Python, Erlang, Lua
  • JavaScript, VBScript, Tcl, Groovy, Perl

Operating Systems

  • Windows XP/7/8/2008r2/2012
  • Linux RedHat/Ubuntu/Debian
  • LynxOS, Green Hills Integrity, WxWorks
  • OpenRTOS, µC/OS, PikeOS, QNX OS

Development and Verification Tools

  • Visual Studio, Code Composer Studio, CodeWarrior IDE, Green Hills Multi IDE
  • Matlab/Simulink, SCADE, Rhapsody, Labview
  • VectorCAST C++/ADA, C/C++-unit, LDRA TBurn, RTRT, Tessy
  • Polyspace, VectorCast Lint, LDRA Testbed, PRQA QA.C
  • VectorCAST Cover, CodeTest, BullsEye Coverage, LDRACover

Configuration Management Tools

  • Doors, Jama
  • Serena Dimensions, Perforce, Synergy, ClearCase, Subversion
  • ClearQuest, Change, Jira, Redmine, Track

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