Advalange considers your project unique and of outstanding importance. We don’t pigeonhole a project into any one specific method, technical framework, or toolset. Instead, we maximize your value by choosing and adjusting them — all while meeting compliance standards and quality levels.

Our project management values are:


Your needs and desires are what form the core of every project at Advalange. Direct customer participation and communication during the project life cycle are essential for success. We use our expertise to structure, capture, and rank project elements. When you’re our customer, you get clear, concise information sharing and transparent reporting.


At Advalange, we’re always focused on what your project success will look like. Management decisions are based on this vision of doing the right thing for the customer. By identifying excessive actions and cutting them, we bring your desired result closer. It’s never the case of “That’s the way we’ve always done it.” Our vision drives our actions.

Risk mitigating

We accept that any initial plan will differ from what real life allows. There is no way to predict and control every single factor influencing the project. We work within a range of possible project development scenarios, from optimistic to pessimistic. We test key risks and issues from the beginning of the project, and then we watch for them during the entire project life. When we detect problems, we already have corrective actions planned and ready to launch. Your project will go ahead despite the unforeseen and unknown.


We don’t guess, we know. We use facts and metrics to estimate work production, track progress, control quality, and measure degrees of success. We strive for unambiguous and relevant metrics. All stakeholders in your project know where they stand. You’ll get consistent results, delivered on time.

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