Outsourced Software Development

Your company may lack experience in a particular area. It might not be part of your company’s core mission or production, or maybe your company lacks the workforce needed to support development efforts. In either case, Advalange solves this problem. We provide outsourced software development services for safety-critical systems. We’ll take care of your software component development completely, or take on the responsibility of certain life cycle activities, if that’s all you need.

The Advalange team handles the following stages of software development:

  • Software requirements capturing
  • Software requirements development
  • Software design
  • Coding
  • SW\SW and SW\HW Integration

Independent Software Verification & Validation

Verification and validation are critical parts of your software development. They’re essential for successful system certification. It’s a time-consuming and difficult job. It requires a different mindset and skills than those of software developers.

Because it’s a repetitive and often boring process, it takes special perseverance and attention to detail to hunt down every bug. Our software validation experts combine a critical mindset with creative thinking. They use both of these qualities to ensure bug-free and reliable systems.

At Advalange, we’ve set up a team with these skills to provide your validation and verification project with both cost- and time-efficiency built in:

  • System requirements analysis and review
  • Software requirements analysis and review
  • Code review
  • Code analysis, including:
    • Structural coverage analysis
    • Worst case execution timing analysis
    • Memory usage analysis
    • Cache analysis
    • Resource usage analysis
  • Testing, including:
    • Functional testing
    • Robustness testing
    • Module testing
    • Integration testing
    • Security testing
    • Performance testing
    • Stress testing
    • Usability testing
  • Certification support

Test Automation

Automation is an accepted test method used to achieve thorough and repeatable test results. Advalange engineers are knowledgeable in building test automation environments. They balance testing rigor and cost for each project. This means that regardless of your requirements, we can build a test environment from scratch. If needed, we can replace your existing manual testing. We automate aspects of testing such as:

  • Environment setup
  • Test case generation
  • Black-box test execution
  • Unit test execution
  • Scenario simulation
  • Results capturing, including:
    • analog
    • digital
    • audio
    • video streams

Software Tools Development and Qualification

There are various tools that can help systems and software processes. These tools often need qualification themselves before use in any certification process. The Advalange team knows how to do both software tool development and qualification including:

  • Tool operational requirements capturing
  • Tool requirements development
  • Tool design and coding
  • Tool testing and verification
  • Building tool qualification packages for developed and COTS tools

We have the tools and talent to efficiently validate your project for the least expense in preparation for certification.

Quality Assurance

Internal quality control is a critical part of systems safety and reliability. A solid process is at the core of our business management system, that’s why Advalange is aiming for AS9100C certification in 2016.

You’re assured of consistent and documented processes on your project from concept to delivery.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you with your next project or assist on an ongoing project.