At Advalange, we examine our clients’ needs and desires to come up with the ideal delivery model.

Firm Fixed Price

We suggest you use this option when you know what the project’s scope and requirements are before the start of the project. These should be fixed quantities. We evaluate projects based on your specifications and delivery terms (such as phases and time frames). We can also apply this option to individual phases.

Times & Materials

T&M is often used when your project has no clear limitations, scope of work, and end-product requisites. Depending on the project task list, these projects need a qualified team. The team may contain project managers, tech leads, systems analysts, software engineers, coders, test engineers, and quality engineers. We bill the resulting services based on an hourly rate for each team member.

Combined Models

In certain cases you may prefer a combination of different delivery options. We look into your needs, processes, and technologies and create the best possible combination for you.

Timely Onsite Support

Advalange personnel are available for on-site support at your facility. They’ll perform liaison and technical activities to communicate with your staff. We’ll pick the on-site representatives with the best skills for any part of the project’s duration.


The Advalange IT network allows secure remote connections via Internet to any equipment located at your facility. As needed, we can provide services such as purchasing, delivering, installing, and maintaining specific equipment. In addition, we are able to develop unique environments for your project’s requirements.

Whatever you needs are, contact us to find what delivery model best fits your situation.