For us, engineering is all about the people. People hold the knowledge and skills, generate ideas, adopt new innovations, and build the result. Advalange creates the environment to allow our people to realize their potential. When it’s time to step up to the plate, only the right people in the right conditions can hit a home run.

Our engineering teams are bursting with the right kind of talent and working in the right conditions to make your project the game winner.

Our engineering environment principles are:

Be focused

Keep the big picture in mind. Know the desired result precisely. Make technical decisions with those two factors in mind.

Be skillful

Know the technology inside and out. Use the right tool for the right job. Make rational decisions on which approach to take to solve a problem.

Be farsighted

Situations and technology are volatile. Be ahead of the situation and consider the consequences of your decision. Beware of the short-term patch or the quick fix.

Be critical

Every product is unique. Judge your actions and understand how they lead you to the project goal. Never use something only because it worked in another project.

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