We believe Advalange provides you with advantages not available in other Western countries, yet we maintain a sense and sensibility common to Western businesses around the globe.

Outstanding Education and Human Capital

Russian IT and engineering education has been highly rated for a long time. This is as true today as it ever was. According to the British Times Higher Education Rating, Russian higher education institutions are ranked in the top five globally (The BRICS & EER 2015), with seven universities in the top 100.

This means you can tap into this deep resource of talent when you work with Advalange.

Think Outside-the-Box Mindset

Our programmers look to improve the product. We search beyond simple coding or testing. It’s never business as usual for us. Our client-oriented approach improves speed, function, and reliability. You benefit with software tailored to your needs.

Delivering on the Promise

We base our software development practices on delivering what we’ve committed ourselves to. By stating what we can’t do and why, and what we can do differently, we accomplish your goal. When we agree to fulfill your product, it means we can do it. We’ve taken responsibility to deliver what we’ve promised. You get exactly what you desire.

Goal-oriented IT Culture With Western Values

Russian IT culture is perfectly aligned to the expectations of the Western business community:

  • Goal-oriented
  • Responsibility to deliver desired results
  • Sensitive to time to market

You need your product as designed and delivered on time. That’s what you get.

Heritage of IT Outsourcing Excellence

Russia has a long-standing tradition of mastering the IT services industry.

Corporations from around the world accept the quality and reliability of our IT services. Many base their competitive advantage on our IT specialists. You, too, can join those who have benefited from our expertise.


We’re easy to talk with – your success is our success. Contact us and let’s find ways to solve you software development and verification challenges.