A uniform identifies many professionals. A banker needs a suit and tie, and a doctor wears a smock. Software developers have no special outfit to identify their profession. This complicates the task of demonstrating our intense professional approach. A few words and photos don’t adequately display our dedication. Nonetheless, our professionalism is our bond. A professional approach to every aspect of your project is what you get. It holds us together as a team and satisfies our customers.

Safety and Reliability

Our industry requires systems to meet high reliability standards. We never forget that people’s health and lives depend on our work. Public safety is king. Each Advalange team member follows all applicable standards and regulations. Our high Quality Assurance results from our intense focus and compliance with regulations. You can rest easy, knowing your project will pass the certification process.

Efficiency and Focus

Blind adherence to rules does not guarantee profitability or safety and reliability. We don’t believe in process for the sake of process. At the same time, we respect regulations and realize they affect the business goals of our customers.

The search for perfection is lengthy and futile. Instead, we see customers happy with a product that performs as desired and is delivered on time at a competitive price. That’s why “efficient and lean” is our mantra when we develop new processes and question existing ones.

We are relentless in challenging our business processes and those used by our customers. Creating the best value for our customers is our talent.

Respect for Individuality

“Individuality, not manpower” is our credo. We value the creative individuality of our teammates. We make certain every team member has the opportunity to excel in both what they do best and what they love to do. As a result, the customer is the real winner. Because both pride and love for what each team member does drives excellence in our product.

It’s the team that creates value, but we know that happens only through the cooperation of individual personalities.

Long-term Outlook

Advalange is not about quick benefits. We believe in a long-term vision and strategy to bring lasting benefits, giving us the power to shape the future. As individuals, we each have the power to change our separate worlds. Together, with our clients, we can change a larger piece of the world, where the benefits multiply.

Our view at Advalange is that we each take responsibility for our actions. Then, as a team, we are far greater than the sum of our individual talents. As we grow our talents as professionals and human beings, we see the future only as a better place to live.

When you choose our services, we deliver your product on time while meeting your specifications. Yet, we base each decision we make along the way on long-term prosperity for you and your customers.

Meet the founders of the Advalange Team.